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Thank you for your interest and your applications! The deadline for Duo Axis' Commission Competition has passed. Please sign up for our mailing list to be informed about future opportunities!

Duo Axis seeks submissions for our 2019-20 Commission Competition. We are looking for composers from a wide range of backgrounds, media, and musical thinking interested in a commission for a flute and piano work in a future season. Works involving piccolo, bass flute, melodica, or other extended components are also welcome.


Prizes: Winner will receive a $500 commission for a new work, and administrative support to apply for future grants, resources, and residencies, etc. We also plan to publicly name Finalists, Honorable Mentions, and/or accolades for works that stood out to us. Our hope is also to get to know new flute and/or piano works that we’ll perform in the coming season or future years. The prizewinning work would be premiered in the 2020-21 season or a mutually amenable time.


Eligibility: Open to anyone. Composers with whom Duo Axis has existing working relationships or active commissioning plans are ineligible.


Submission fee: $8

Deadline: December 1, 2019


Application: Interested participants should use the form to submit:

• Contact information

• 1-2 work samples

• Biographical information

Composers may submit works of any instrumentation or performance basis (improvised, graphic score, etc). However, works for solo flute, solo piano, or flute and piano will be considered for performance in future seasons in their own right.


Please submit one or two work samples, including score and/or recording (if this isn’t the best way to capture your work, email us at Please use a streaming service like SoundCloud or YouTube, or links to file sharing sites like Dropbox.


A biographical background of you and your work could be a biography, resume/CV, or a description of who you are and your past projects. Please use a link to file sharing sites like Dropbox. 


There is also an optional field for you to include information of your choosing. This could be more qualitative information about where you are in your career, a proposal for what your flute & piano work would look like, or anything else you think we should know


Payments should be to via PayPal for $8. 

A link will also be provided upon completion of your submission form.



• One of the most important criteria for our award selection is aptitude: which composer is best positioned to write a vivid, distinctive, and original new work that we can bring to life?


• Duo Axis is actively involved in commissioning new works; in this call for scores, we’re hoping to get to know a number of new, exciting artists. We may commission a finalist or runner-up in a future season, as part of our ongoing effort to build new musical relationships and broaden the repertoire.


• While your submitted work samples can be anything, the question we’ll be asking ourselves is: what would a flute and piano work by this person be like? If you would like to explain anything about your work or point out an important connection we might miss, please feel free to use the optional question at the end to tell us more. 


• Diversity and equity are really important to us. We hope to see a pool of applicants that reflects the cultural fabric of the communities we live and work in, and encourage folks of all ethnicities, nationalities, genders, sexualities, religious affiliation, ability, etc, to apply. 

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